Member Benefits

Member benefits

In addition to having the opportunity to take part in each and every UM1AA social activities these companies and services in collaboration with UM1AA give its members these exclusive advantages. These privileges applied for all members of UM1AA holding this University of Medicine 1 Alumni Association electronic member card.

Immortal Fitness Centre Collaboration

Since 2017 , we have been running the Immortal Fitness Centre as a training area for physical activity and healthy lifestyle , located in Lanmadaw township. Our aim is to provide the quality equipments , in addition to profession trainers to guide weight loss and body transformation programs as well as athletic training such as hiking .


Eliza Skin Republic is a very well known skin care clinic in Myanmar with exquisite and fair priced treatment varieties in accordance with each skin type. They also provides an ample products concerning skin care products to be used on daily basis with astonishing improvements upon usage. Their outlets are located across Yangon city and also in Mandalay.

20% Discount on Selected Skin Treatments.
10% Discount on Skin Care Products.


Since 27th September,2003, Feel Myanmar restaurant has been the pioneer in providing delicious Myanmar cuisines. Our guests enjoy dining authentic Myanmar meals, desserts, fries and drinks. It opens from 6 am to 8:30 pm daily.
10% Discount for any food item except breakfast and buffet .

Ni Ni Diagnostics & Healthcare Centre

At the centre we also have some of the most experienced medical technologists, nurses and radiographers in the Capital Yangon. The medical teams are supported by the very latest technology which includes the newest 160 slice CT scanner, and a full range of X-ray and ultrasound machines. The centre also has a wide range of heart monitoring and cardiac diagnostic equipment.
10% Discount for any investigation including imaging services.

Myanmar Book Center

MBC was formed in 1995 as an import-export company specializing in books and periodicals on Myanmar (Burma), and all materials published in Burmese and other indigenous languages. Out-of-print and rare materials like old books and journals can be supplied in photocopy or digital formats, CD-ROM, etc.
The Board of Directors and management staff include experienced book-sellers, professionally qualified librarians and computer experts. It is the only company of its kind in the world.
10% Discount on any book at the retail shops.

Empress Lace and Fabric Gallery

10% Discount on any products.

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